Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Drum Kits - For Free

Every beat needs good drums.
We here at The Perfect Beat would advise producers to, over time, build up their own drum kit....chop kicks and snares and hats from old records....record yourself playing drums or making noises and eq the hell out of the result.

Definetly not one for the purists out there, but a good starting point for to download drum kits from a specific producer. These are file folders comprising drum sounds either sampled from records by specific producers, or made to sound like those a specific producer uses.
They exist for almost any industry producer you could name, from Swizz Beats to J Dilla. they are, for free. Download these, eq them, layer them...make your own sounds...and above all...make those beats bang.

9th Wonder Kit

African Drums Kit

Aftermath Kit

Alchemist Kit 1

Akai Orchestral Soundfonts

Arcade Game Samples

BC Kit

BB Kits

Bone Thugs N Harmony Kit

Chamillionaire Kit

Coast to Coast Kit

Cool N Dre Kit

Crack Kit

Crunk Kit

DDrums 1

DDrums 2

Dirty Southside Loops

DJ Quik Drumkit Vol 1

Dr Drum N Bass

Dr Hip Hop 2 Kit

Dre Guitars

Dres Platinum G Series Kit

Dres West Coast Gangsta Kit

EL Kits

Eminem Kit

Global Fire Kit

GN R&B Kit

Guitars HH Part 1

Guitars HH Part 2

Hella Bumps 2 Kit

HHS Kits

Hip Hop Sample Collection

Hip Hop Sound FX

Hip Hop Soundfonts

H Dark Kit

Instant Street Kit

J Dilla Kit

Jay-Z Kit

Jermaine Dupri Kit

JZM Bay Area Hyphy Kit Vol 2

Kanye West DC Kit

Kanye West Kit

Kicks-Snares-Claps Kit

King of The Beatz Kit


K*rg Triton Extreme Kits

Lab Drumz

Lab Percussion

Lil Jon Krunk Klapz

Lil Jon Synths Kit

Looney Tunes Kit

Monserrate Kit

Movie Samples Part 1

MPC Kit 2

MPC Kit 3

MPC Kit 4

Neptunes Kit 2

Nitti Kit

OS Beat Kits

Off Tha Hook Dirty South Kit

Outkast & Too Short Kit

P Diddy Drumkit

Pete Rock Kit

Pro Scartch Samples

PS Drums Kit

PSP Orchestral Essentials

PSS Dre Xplosion Kit

RD Studio Drums

R Presets (For R3.0)

R*land Megakit

Scott Storch Ethnic Kit

Scott Storch Drum Library

Secret Stash Kit

S. Hozanstrings

Snap Music Kit

Snare Samples Kit

Soundcraft Kit

Street Symph Kit

Studio CL Rock Kit

Swizz Beats Kit

Synth Invasion Kit

The Carter 2 Kit

The Grimey Kit

Three 6 Mafia Kit

Timberland Kit

Traxamillion Kit

U Warfare Kit

Violin Soundfont Collection

Vocal Samples

Vocal Samples Hip Hop

Vocal Samples Reggaeton

Vocal Samples RnB

Warbeats Crunk Kit

Warbeats Kit

Westcoast Ryda Kit

Westcoast Samples Kit

Ying Yang & Pitbull Kit

ZG Grinding Kit

Zone Shots Kit

Monday, 3 September 2007


This webpage is an information resource, promotional tool and online meeting point for up and coming hip hop producers.

We will have interviews with and features on established producers and those begining to make noise in the mixtape game. We aim, over time, to create a stockpile of resources of use to the aspirant producer.

The most important aspect of the site is audio.
We'll be digging for the under the radar producers, those mixtape gems.

With that said lets get straight into it.

P.O. is an up and coming producer from East Oakland, California.

He's equally at home sampling or playing original music and his output sweeps right across
the musical spectrum.
Here though is some straight up hip hop, an anthemic non sampled track produced for Brooklyn's A-Smash