Monday, 3 September 2007


This webpage is an information resource, promotional tool and online meeting point for up and coming hip hop producers.

We will have interviews with and features on established producers and those begining to make noise in the mixtape game. We aim, over time, to create a stockpile of resources of use to the aspirant producer.

The most important aspect of the site is audio.
We'll be digging for the under the radar producers, those mixtape gems.

With that said lets get straight into it.

P.O. is an up and coming producer from East Oakland, California.

He's equally at home sampling or playing original music and his output sweeps right across
the musical spectrum.
Here though is some straight up hip hop, an anthemic non sampled track produced for Brooklyn's A-Smash

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Can You Please Upload These Most Of Them Are Dead

Than Please Send Me mail

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